Not Having Internet is Problematic

I had this idea of a frog using a bubble or some sort as a helmet and as I worked on the sketch I figured out where in the story I wanted to place this new character that was developing. I had come up with this idea of a lake/pond where the group visit and this fit perfectly as a guide of some sorts in that new location/setting. The frog friend hasn’t been completely fleshed out yet, but I’m digging the concept and what I have so far.


Internet outage plagued my last day off yesterday, but I made the most of it. finished my frog person sketch in Photoshop, because my Clip Studio Pro monthly membership isn’t very useful without an internet connection (wouldn’t let me save the file or do a bunch of other thing I needed it to) but it turned out to be blessing in disguise as I worked in Photoshop the sketch turned out much better as I was forced to stop fuming and relax and focus on the work.

Hopefully I can carry that peaceful approach with me through another life event as I was told today I’d have to move in two months. I can see this negatively impacting my work towards the January 1, 2021 release date. Not sure what I’m going to do, but I have to protect all the work I’ve done so far and all the work I plan to do. I look back at these last ten years and so many times life events have pushed back, slowed and completely stopped my art projects, dreams and pursuits. I simply cannot keep allowing these setbacks to prevent me from living my life as I want to.

It’s my life. MINE!!! Not the random forces of chaos and change. I must protect it and my dreams. I must place myself in better situations and further from the reaches of these momentum stopping events that continue to follow me throughout my journey. I’ve basically spent my whole life learning to draw, understanding the inner workings of art, stumbling through the craft of writing and developing characters. I need to tell these stories. So that’s what I’m going to do. Random momentum shifting life events be damned.


– Jesse

“Learn shit, do shit, repeat.”


– Gary Vaynerchuk



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