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I can see my part animal (tiger at the moment) part human anthropomorphic character being a possible problem in the future… I have to figure out a balance between animal and human features… I don’t really know how to draw tigers or many animals in general and as this world is full of them, I can see many many more studies in my foreseeable future. 


September is already here, time to really ensure I’m maximizing my free time to do what I’ve set out to do in the next two months. (side note – I never completed the website, which was an August goal… not a good precedence I’m setting).

Also, not sure It’s going to be just 12 episodes for the first season as the more I think about implementing the 3 act structure to my plot outlines, I realize I might have to break up each webtoon episode into an act. So what would be a single episode of a anime/tv show would actually be three webtoon episodes… At least that’s how I’m thinking it will work with the amount of panels per episode… we’ll see. So it might be 36 or 72 episodes per season?

I guess the real indication will be how the plotting goes moving forward. 


Character Design Boards 

(include later character arcs, and character specifications)

  • character turnarounds (full body (clothed/unclothed) and head)
  • facial expression sheets,
  • color palettes
  • Process will define later artwork
  • Art steps (Sketch, Line Art, Colors – Flats/Shadows/Highlights, Lighting)

Setting Design Boards 

(include later history, etc)

  • All Setting Locations
  • Setting Color Palettes
  • Setting 
  • The Machine (plus surrounding areas)
  • Locations

Story/Plot Season One (12 episodes)

(Multi-Season later possibilities)

  • Character List
  • Character Specifications
  • Character Arcs
  • Setting List
  • Setting History
  • Episode List
  • ACT structure for Episodes and Season
  • Story Arcs


– Jesse

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– Mahatma Gandhi



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