Reference is KING!!!

A slightly more loose pose, some hand gestures, a light facial expression and an asymmetrical hair style and I feel like K has way more personality than she did just 24 hours ago. Totally shouldn’t waste half my day on social media weeding through all the shit going on in the world right now, just for a few dank memes… Just not a productive way to spend my time. I must FOCUS!!!

On a happy note, just a few tweaks to K and I’m way happier and fulfilled than I was yesterday. I must keep this momentum going. I must FOCUS!!!


Spent most of the day procrastinating and then when I went to start my drawing for the day I had this brilliant thought, “I need to find some really good reference.” And it was indeed a brilliant thought, the execution however was subpar and down right below expectation. Let me explain.

I found reference for a video game character with a similar body type as what I had envisioned for K. Her name is Loba and she’s a character from Apex Legends. A battle Royale game based in the Titan Fall universe. It’s am enjoyable game and I found some great reference to use and then I found some more reference, and some more reference, and some more…

Hours later and I have quite the reference board on Pinterest and some stuff on my computer. The problem was that I spent so much of the first have of my day procrastinating and then the next 2.5 – 3 hours scouring the internet, that I only left myself with 3 hours before bedtime and I still hadn’t eaten dinner… Le sigh.

Regardless, I did find some excellent reference (high quality, large and clear images) that show full body, partial, etc. So, I started to work and low and behold, K looks completely anatomically correct and I can tell where the shadows would fall because I paid attention to the actual anatomy and didn’t just wing it. So all in all, maybe those hours weren’t a waste?

Reference is KING!!!


– Jesse

“If you don’t think everyday is a good day, just try missing one.”


– Cavett Robert



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