Trust the Process

Productivity produces results. Really took a look at what I had created so far and K just wasn’t looking like and feeling like the K I had pictured her in my head. So, I really analyzed and picked apart what was working and what wasn’t. 

Firstly, her face was so doll like and just felt weird, so I went for a more simple approach. Really pulling from my two main inspirations; Disney cartoons and Anime. So, I fixed that, thinned out her calves and ankles, and went back to messy hair (again pulling from anime – and if we know anything from anime it’s that the main character should have messy/spiky hair LMAO) and it really started feeling like the K I had in my mind. Success!!!

From there I was in such high spirits I decided I’d get coloring a go. I didn’t ink, just left the slightly cleaned up sketchy line art and began the process of adding flat colors, followed by a warm tonal layer (which turned her white shirt pink hashtag sadface) and then the shadow layer.

I like the simplicity of her outfit, although I might add some accents or some extra something or another; just to give her a bit more personality. One things for sure I will have to make her gem on her headband bigger, because you can barely see it at all… maybe some sort of setting/holding to add some contrast so it doesn’t just blend in with the dark leather and her dark hair… maybe just giving it a lighter shade of blue.  I’ll play around with it and see what works best.

Besides that, definitely my lack of lower body anatomy shows through with my shading… a lot of guesstimations there. Other than that I’m a happy camper. And I wrote some plot/story stuff yesterday that really helped me figure out how to introduce the story and help set everything up.

Happy happy camper indeed.


Man this is freaking cool! Making progress towards your goals feels amazing. Let’s do it again!!!

– Jesse

“It is more important to go slow and gain the lessons you need along the journey then to rush the process and arrive at your destination empty.”


– Germany Kent



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