Where the Weary Rest

Clip art found at www.icons8.com I’ve mentioned them before, some really great illustrations, icons, and clip art and a few of them are available for free (although most are not).


When you’re tired you rest. But when you’re weary it can be much harder to recharge and rejuvenate your soul. Some things in this life will drain the life right out of your very being and make even existing almost impossible. I know in time I can separate myself from having to participate in these activities, minimize the energy I have to contribute to them… but for now I just have to fight through them. Perseverance and Patience.

I know just creating this webcomic won’t be the vehicle that takes me away from all of this. But I know it will be the first major step. I’m so tired of fighting this fight. Tired doesn’t begin to describe it. I’m weary of it. Weary down to my soul.

Tomorrow, the fight continues… but tonight, I rest.

– Jesse

“I’m weary of the battle. but a tired fighter can still be a fighter.”

Robert Cormier



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