Well this was a blasty blast to sketch today. Maelstrom gets a name and some interesting character development that allowed me to visualize more of who she was. Still not 100% sure this will be the final form, but it’s a great starting place… better than poor Carina/Karina has at the moment as I’m going back and forth on her character designs. Hopefully as I iron out more of her character she’ll come together like Maelstrom did.

Also, on an awesome side note. My leg/anatomy training is already paying dividends as I had much easier time creating the original pose for this sketch (not that I didn’t struggle, but it was minimal and it took me far less time to notice when things weren’t looking right). I’m happy, happy, happy.


I’m getting super lost in all the documents as I’m writing my story/plot. There’s a doc for characters, a doc for plot, setting, blah blah blah… and each time I visit one of them they grow even larger and I’m having that much of a harder time keeping track of everything.  So, I decided as I’m still working on the general plot/story (although, I do find myself writing a scene occasionally when I have a cool idea or character interaction) I’ll just clear some room off of one of my walls and just use some post it notes and just try to map out the main story beats/major plot points. That way I can see it all and get a better sense on how everything’s shaping up.

Hopefully that’ll help me to focus in and put everything together.

– Jesse

“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.”


– Teddy Roosevelt



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