Work Work Work Work Work

Continued effort into learning the human anatomy and the areas that I struggle with (cough legs cough). I could save a little bit of time and not add color and minimal shading, but I don’t really want to have all these grey anatomy sketches… and I haven’t really colored anything in Clip Studio Pro, so it’s good practice.

Work Work Work Work Work


Manga Material is a great source of reference material. I recently became a Patreon and already I’m seeing great progress in learning the areas of anatomy I’m lacking. There are such a breadth of images, including bone, muscle and general shapes of each area of the body. If you’re looking for a one stop place to learn or improve your knowledge of anatomy, this is the place. Even the free stuff they put out on their twitter/facebook/instagram is well worth it.

Came up with a cool setting for one of the areas my group of characters will visit on their travels, and I’m real excited to explore it more and really bring the details I’ve written to life in some sketches/concepts. Besides that I’m continuing to work away at Karina… which I’m pretty sure I was spelling with a “C” before, but when I was looking through my documents I spelled it with a “K.” Regardless, (might not even be her name when all is said and done, so no matter) fleshing her out is a good time and I’ve been thinking more about who she is, her personality and belief/desires and it’s really been helping me figure her out as a character. Excited for more of that.

Besides that, just hammering away at it.

Work, work, work, work, work.


– Jesse 



“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”


– Beverly Sills



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