Random Character Sketches for the Win

Doing some character exploration sketches for unnamed future webcomic project (code name: AEF). nothing set in stone at this point as the characters haven’t had much time in the fleshing out stage, just a small container of random ideas at this point. One thing is for sure after doing this sketch and a few others I’ve done in the last few days, I’m going to have to reconquer “legs” again. What a disaster those things are… even the most simplest of poses become reworking nightmares. I don’t like it…

Luckily I have found a great source of reference in Manga Materials Paetreon. Funny enough I’ve been seeing and using his/her reference materials as I’ve seen them on Pinterest (and they are really well done, a nice blend of instructional and informative) and then I stumbled across his/her twitter. What a nice find and there are a bunch of images to reference a whole slew of legs to look at. Perfecto.


No site updates or much of webcomic updates to post.
Although, I will say that painting the sky on your ceiling is all the feels.

– Jesse


“You’re too old to worry about saying “No” to others.”


– Brendon Burchard



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