Everything Takes Longer Than You Think

Back in 2018-2019 I was going fairly hard on 99 designs entering contest, submitting work and generally feeling discouraged with my results. While I did manage to level up my art skills and my overall speed. I only won one out of 2 dozen or so contests. The most frustrating wasn’t even the losing, as most of the time the designs that won were better in one way or another. No, most frustrating was how different working on one contest was from working on another. But I suppose that’s just another aspect of the process of dealing with that type of environment.

This project was fun because I drew and inked the background before pulling it into Photoshop. But somewhere along the way I totally destroyed my baseline sketch and never recovered before the deadline… Needless to say I didn’t make the cut to the final 10.

You live, you learn.


Not too much to say today, it’s early and I wanted to go ahead and post before I got too deep into working on the website or doing more Carina character sketches/explorations (which are going well I might add, hopefully see some of those posted this week).

I changed my title/banner images to something a bit more artistic. I miss doing those abstract color playfests… I should do some more of those. I still am thinking about making a slideshow as the title/banner image, except for the homepage… I have something special planned for that. Yes… something special indeed…

**maniacal laughter**

– Jesse

“Dream without fear, Love without Limits”


– Unknown



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