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Doing Character turn-arounds is super helpful in not only providing myself with what a character looks like from multiple angles. But it also forces me to actually think about and build the anatomy and not take shortcuts.

For the last couple months I’ve been teaching myself and learning about writing, developing characters, settings and the craft of plotting. There has been some real “ah-ha” moments, but even more head banging against the wall –  I hate life moments. With all that time spent I have come up with a couple cool story ideas that I would like to turn into webcomics. The one I have decided to move forward with doesn’t have a name yet (at least nothing finalized), I’m just for now calling it An Extraordinary Fox.

Not planning on coughing up too many details in regards to the story/plot, but I’ll be posting art as time passes. The image above shows Carina (one of the main characters) in her first form, drawn almost a month ago. Her look has changed a bit since then, and is still far from being finialized.

I guess all I can say is it’s set in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, I plan on releasing it on Webtoon with the first episode coming out on January 1, 2021.


A new project to work on, a website/blog in desperate need to fixing. Looks like I have plenty to occupy myself with for some time to come.



“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”


– Aristotle

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